vicki garcia



Why Are People So Nasty to Each Other on The Internet?

Have you noticed a rise in mean, nasty, bullying kinds of comments on the internet? I have. The most innocent post or comment on Facebook results in people attacking each other. It’s crazy. I sometimes get angry and ask myself why people have to be such jerks.

Then I remember that hurt people hurt people. When someone is mean and nasty on the internet, it’s because they don’t feel good about themselves. Now, I’m fairly certain, if you’re one of those people, you would argue this point with me.

Happy, well adjusted individuals do not go around attacking others for their viewpoints. They just don’t. So if you do, you have to ask yourself why. And my guess is because you don’t feel good about who YOU are.

Most of us have fear that we aren’t good enough. Maybe not in every area of our lives, but in at least one area. When you’re someone who doesn’t feel good about yourself, it’s easy to find fault in others.

The only fix for this behavior is kindness and compassion. I know, when someone is acting like a jerk you don’t feel inclined to be kind or compassionate in return. Yet, this is what it takes to stop this pattern.

And it starts with being kind and compassionate to yourself. If you can’t love you, you can’t love others. If you can’t see the value in you, you can’t see the value in others.

When you find yourself wanting to attack someone else, ask yourself what YOU need. And then find a way to give yourself whatever that is. Because as tempting as it is, attacking someone else is not going to make you feel good about who you are in the long run.

Vicki Garcia