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What are you tolerating?

Photo by alexdans/iStock / Getty Images

One way to know that you're following the path of a Default Destiny is to take a look at what you're tolerating. When you're consciously creating a life that you love, you invite in experiences and people who bring you joy. When you aren't consciously creating your life, chances are, you're tolerating crap that you would prefer not to.

Are you tolerating friends who aren't really friends but have been in your life for years so you keep them around? Are you tolerating a job that isn't fulfilling because it pays the bills?

Are you tolerating a poor relationship because you don't know how to do it on your own?

What about clothes that don't fit well and items in your home that you don't even like?

When you're living a Default Destiny there's probably many things you're tolerating. Make a list for yourself. How much are you tolerating? Choose one item on that list and make a change.

Start with something small. Get rid of an item that no longer brings you joy. Do this and you are one step closer to escaping a Default Destiny. That's how you create a life you love. You deliberately remove experiences, things and people who don't make you feel good and replace them with people and things that do.

This will take time and it will take effort and it might feel impossible. It isn't. The life you're waiting for is created one step at a time.

Want help? Want a guide and a blueprint? I'm here to help when you're ready to get started. -Vicki