Hi, I'm Vicki

I'm an Executive and Professional Development coach living in the Pacific Northwest. I've been a Certified Coach for over 14 years. Working with my clients to not only fulfill their potential but to do it with a calm, confident presence is the joy of my life. I genuinely love this work.

Welcome to SELF

My purpose in life is to help you learn how to be, and love, yourself. 




Through my own journey of self-discovery as well as working with clients, I’ve found that most people just don’t know how to differentiate between themselves and everyone around them.

We’re enmeshed. Entangled. My clients often don't know if their values and decisions are actually their own, or if they belong to parents, family, or friends.

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what your own opinion is? Or maybe you know what your opinion is but you're too afraid to express it. Are you challenged with having and keeping boundaries or worried you'll upset someone if you put boundaries in place?

We’ve fallen for the hype of “hustle and grind”, “work harder”, “never stop”.

We’ve become hyper-achieving people pleasers. And it’s killing us. I’m on a mission to change this.

You do not have to be a boundary-less, people-pleasing, hyper-achieving machine to have success and happiness. (Go back and read that last line again).

It is possible to achieve your goals, and fulfill your potential while feeling a sense of calm, grounded confidence. 

In my work with clients (and my own personal development work), I use what I call, SELF.


SELF combines:

S = Science + Source

E = Energetics

L = Love

F = Flow

As a way to achieve: 









Learn how to be and love yourSELF

I’m a former scientist who also has a penchant for “woo.” I still value logic, but over the years, I have come to realize there’s so much more available to me.

I bring science and source into my coaching. Logic is only one tool in a vast toolbox, and I introduce my clients to the other tools available. Tools like intuition, higher self, inner knowing, and true self-love.

Overthinking and the anxiety that comes with it are caused by using thinking/logic for every project. 

My clients know how to use their minds for sorting through details and evaluating options. And how to use their gut, intuition, and higher knowledge to make decisions. When you know how to use the right tool for the job, you can’t make wrong decisions.

The process of learning to be yourSELF is highly customized, and I bring many different methodologies into my work. Because each client is different, the methodology for each is different.

Here’s what’s consistent, no matter who you are: I’m all about helping you find yourself and love who you are. And I can’t do that if I’m not willing to be who I am. 

This is me:

  • Passionate
  • Driven
  • Kind
  • Open-minded
  • Funny (well, I laugh at my jokes)
  • Serious about my work
  • Direct
  • Committed
  • Compassionate
  • Results-focused
  • Real

We might be a good fit if:

  • You know you want more out of life than hyper-achieving and people-pleasing
  • You’re willing to take 100% responsibility for your choices and actions
  • You’re committed to doing whatever it takes to get what you want
  • You’re ready to take action now
  • You’re ready and willing to be held accountable for your dreams
  • You’re open to thinking and acting in new ways
  • You know you're meant for more than just surviving and going through the motions each day

We aren't a good fit if:

  • You only want me to hold you accountable for getting the crap on your to-do list done
  • You frequently blame other people or circumstances for your frustration and unhappiness
  • You have a vague feeling of wanting your life to be different but aren't willing to do anything about it
  • You're looking for a quick fix that requires minimal effort
  • You're addicted to the chaos of your life - hustle and grind, constant frustration, constantly tired

What you’ve read here either resonates for you or it doesn’t. If it does, there’s a reason for that. There’s a reason it resonates. Use your gut and intuition. Is it telling you this is what you need or is it telling you this isn’t the solution for you? Either way, it’s correct.

If you’re ready for SELF, apply today.

 Qualifications - Training - Experience

Master Certified Fearless Living Coach (MCFLC)

I didn't just give myself a title and hang up a shingle one day (watch out for "coaches" with no coach training). I'm an MCFLC – which means I'm an expert on fear and how it screws with your head. I spent almost two years getting this first certification, and it was the most challenging and rewarding thing I've ever done. I continue to up-level my coaching skills each year by attending additional training and adding new methodologies to my tool kit. 


B.A. in Biological Science

I used to be a Scientist. No kidding, I have a degree in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry, and in my former career, I worked for large biotech and pharmaceutical companies doing drug research.  I’m an analytical type who sees patterns and collects data.  All in the name of making sure you have what you need to rock your career and life.

Certified In Conversational Intelligence® 

Conversational Intelligence® is a revolutionary body of work leveraging the power of neuroscience to create profound and lasting transformation for individuals, teams, and entire organizational cultures. Combining science and intuition, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) aspires to shift our world from I-Centric to WE-Centric and catalyze Conversational Transformation on a neurochemical level.

Positive Intelligence Coach (Mental Fitness) 

As a PQ Coach, I provide access to Shirzad Chamine's exclusive assessments and Positive Intelligence program, along with personal coaching or group facilitation, to strengthen your core Mental Fitness muscles.


Training In Human Design

Human design has changed my life and the life of my clients. I utilize Human Design with my clients who want to know how to live in alignment with who they truly are.

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Mental fitness is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur).



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